Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Jordan Family Picnic Photos

My mother's paternal side of the family were the relatives I most grew up with.  There was an annual family picnic that could easily bring together 70 to 100 relatives for a day at the Fireman's Picnic Grounds along the bank of the Salmon River in East Hampton, Connecticut.  Most of the attendees were directly related to the children of Michael Francis Jordan Jr and Sabina Cecilia Jordan (née Hynes).  There were activities, good food, and good company.  The lead organizer for many years was Thomas Michael Jordan Sr.  My uncle, Gerard George Ringstad, would be pressed into service to photo-document the ensuing madness.  They were great times and I hope we can resurrect the practice soon.   Here is one of Uncle Gerry's photos of the Jordan siblings and spouses.  I'm hoping for some help in identifying them.

Jordan Family Picnic circa 1979

1 Joseph Francis Jordan
2 Helen M Jordan
3 William John Freeburn Sr
4 William Joseph Jordan
5 Cora Marie Jordan (née Bouvier)
6 Ann Rita Lanoue (née Jordan)
7 Elizabeth Jordan (née Miller)
8 Sabina Hines Freeburn (née Jordan)
9 Kathleen Anita Minery (née Jordan)
10 Elizabeth Marie Fucci (née Jordan)
11 Joseph Charles Minery
12 Clayton Joseph Lanoue
13 Raymond Gregory Jordan
14 John Eudes Jordan Sr
15 Francis Michael Jordan
16 Fortuanto "Fred" Fucci